The Core Reason Of Your Unhappiness

August 17, 2016

Hello Amazing!

Welcome! Today I will share with you WHY most people are unhappy.Most people live their lives focused on survival and conformity, just like their parents. People are merely focused on making it to another day, not on true meaning and happiness.

The main reason for this pattern is that people attain positions, possessions, and people, before they know who they actually are. This creates a false life, based on a false self. Unfortunately in order to create massive change in our lives, we must be willing and able face major loss. Loss of old patterns is important to break our emotional attachment to these concepts.
By letting go of what no longer serves us, we are able to be ourselves, and be open to who we really are.

The challenge is to be vulnerable enough to let go, and be brave enough to receive. The difference is that this time we receive from a place of inner truth, and wholeness. While positions, possessions, and people are fleeting, living from our heart’s truth is not.


Always On Your Side : )

July 23, 2016

Hello Fabulous! 

Tune in for a special July episode of Love Dream Live.

In this episode I share my excitement about my spiritual birthday, as well as a way I use to ground myself that completely changed my life forever. We could always use someone who is always on our side to listen to us, comfort us, and welcome us, no matter how we are feeling. Tune in to find out how you can tap into you innate infinite power, and feel more grounded and connected to yourself and to the world.

Announcement: I am taking some time off to travel, spend time with my family, and enjoy the summer. Weekly broadcasts will begin again September 2016. 


Learning From Contrast

May 27, 2016

Hello Wonderful! 

Today I will share with you why living in a world of contrast and duality can create internal fragmentation. I encourage you to learn from contrast, and create a dance of opposites that enable you to experience more happiness and harmony. 

Step Into Wholeness Through Healing Your Heart

May 20, 2016

Hey There Amazing! 

Today I share with you the reason why it is so important to  begin your healing by facing your fears and pain. I share a story that I hope tugs at your heart and inspires you to use harmony and integration to step into your wholeness.


Why Nobody Can Promise You Success

May 6, 2016
Hello Fabulous! 

Welcome, do you consistently find yourself looking for shortcuts to attaining the success that you long for in life ? Today I share with you why those I call " success sellers" can actually contribute to keeping you in a cycle of frustration, justification, and unhappiness, for longer periods of time. 

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The Natural Flow of Giving and Receiving

April 22, 2016
Hello Wonderful! 

Today I will share with you a common way that we block ourselves from receiving what we desire and making our dreams come true. 


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The Loneliness Of Living In Your Head

April 8, 2016

Hello Wonderful! 

Today let's talk about feeling sad and alone, if you are experiencing this, there is a 90% chance that you are living in your head, and you are looking at life from the VERY limited perspective of your mind. Today I encourage you to silence your mind, and step into your heart, to feel a greater sense of unity and emotional connection with yourself and your world. 

Between Holding On & Letting Go

April 2, 2016

Hello Wise Creator! 

Today I cover why choosing between holding on and letting go is challenging and which one makes you wiser in the long run. 

Pursuing Your Dreams & Feeling Stuck?

March 25, 2016

Hello Creative  Dreamer! 

Today I will share with you why you might be feeling stuck, even though you are actively pursuing your dreams. 


Reduce Your Anxiety By Creating Healthy Boundaries

March 18, 2016

Hey There Wonderful! 

Today I will be sharing with you how to reduce your anxiety, neutralize it and transform it into positive and uplifting energy by creating healthy boundaries.