Yoga Is An Accelerator To Our Self Discovery Journey

August 11, 2015
Hey Fabulous!

Today I will share with you my personal experiences and thoughts about yoga. I have been doing yoga for 2 years and I feel like it has 

accelerated my expansion, as well as deepened my self-discovery journey. Some of the benefits that I have found from practicing yoga 

include: higher self-confidence, improved self-discipline, better ability to focus, healthier body,  stronger mind, improved my self-

image, slows you down, more open mind, more open heart, higher self-awareness, and on and on. Today yoga is the first thing and last 

thing I do, I encourage to give yoga a try and see how it can change your life.  

Our Heart Unites Our Mind Divides, Choose Harmony, Not Tug Of War

August 10, 2015
Hey There! 

Welcome today we will be talking about what it looks like to live from your heart, and what it looks like to live out of your head. 

Our minds and emotions work in very different ways and we need to be open and aware to listen to both. When we live out of our mind we 

are drawn to facts, figures, scientific explanation, and focused on survival. We are turned outward, and tuned to the external world 

for feedback and validation. When we live out of our emotions we are drawn to intuition, sensations, and energy and focused on 

expansion. We are turned inward, and listen to our internal guidance for feedback and validation. Neither one is right or wrong, we 

just need to be open and pay attention to both, to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Be Still Instead Of Chasing After Everything You Want

August 7, 2015

Hey There!

Today we will be talking about remaining still and going deep within yourself to break the walls of resistance that you have built against everything that you want. Instead of chasing what you want, for example more love and money, try to remain still, break through your limiting beliefs and allow these things to flow towards you. It could be that you are not getting what you want because you are not ready. Yet your impatience and chasing will only KEEP you from everything that you want. Instead be still, go deeper, and question your motives for running and chasing. Each limiting belief is like a rock in a damn, and until you move each and every one, all that you desire can not and will not flow to you. Be still, be patient, and look inside for the answers. Stop chasing happiness, you will never catch it, allow it to come to you instead. : ) 

Trusting Life Like A Blind Man Walking Down A Busy Street

August 6, 2015

Hey Wonderful!

Today we will be talking about trusting life like a blind man walking down a busy street! That's right. Let go of your need or desire to control, to plan, and to figure everything out. Learn to trust yourself and KNOW that life will take care of you, even if you don't have a clue how. I was in Austin recently and witnessing the courage of a blind man walking down a very busy street, he as calm, happy and peaceful. He trusted himself, and he trusted life. This man overcame some serious limitations and I was inspired to have more courage, and look deeper at the way that I look at life. 

Knowing When To Walk Away From Difficult Circumstances With Dignity

August 5, 2015

Hey Dignified Diva! ( Or Dude : ) 

Let's talk about uncomfortable stuff, like feeling stuck in a draining relationship or a dead end job. We have all been there, stuck in situations where we feel trapped and like life is flat and dull. When a particular situation you are in is draining your energy instead of inspiring and uplifting you, that is a clear sign that you need to make a choice to stay or to go.  As if it wasn't hard enough to decide to walk away, you also need to find a tactful way and do it with dignity and respect for yourself and anyone else involved. Life can get tricky sometimes, but when we decide to stay in uncomfortable situations, we are only setting ourselves up for much more hurt and possible disaster down the road. Have the wisdom, courage, and dignity to walk away from anything or anyone who is no longer serving you, growing you, or making you happy. : ) The more that you tolerate "crap" in your life, the more crap you will get. Stand up for yourself, decide you have had enough, and open up to new possibilities.  

Darkness is Not Bad, It is As Necessary as Light

August 4, 2015

Hey Enlightened Warrior ! : )  

Let's talk about the darkness and the unsexy parts of life and living. Oftentimes we believe that we only want light and joy in our life, but it is actually equally important to have moments of darkness. This helps us create contrast, and know the difference, and allows us to open up to both light and dark times with an open mind. Darkness is often dreaded, resisted, and labeled as a negative experience. But we learn our biggest lessons through our darkest moments, when life tests our dedication, and belief in ourselves. Don't be too quick to turn away from darkness and dismiss it as negative, it is in your life to teach you a lesson, and you will come out on the other side much wiser and stronger! 

Having an Attitude of Gratitude Toward Life

August 3, 2015

Hey There Gracious You! 

Welcome : ) Let's talk about a juicy subject that makes life absolutely fabulous. The "secret" to getting more of what you desire is to have an attitude of gratitude. Stop asking for more stuff and start savoring the blessings of everything and everyone that already surrounds you. Be grateful for your family, your health, and for being alive. If we are always asking, and being materialistic about having "stuff" we are overlooking all the wonderful gifts that life has already given us. Just for one day, don't focus on what you're missing, focus on what you already have and how lucky you already are! : )