Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

September 30, 2015

Hey Super Doer!  : ) 

Today let's talk about getting things done. So often we procrastinate on some of the most important areas in life, just because we are too uncomfortable to really go after what we want. We may be quick to say that we are going to do something, and we want to do something, only to place it way in the back burner and take care of menial tasks firsts. Sometimes our subconscious mind is actually afraid of attaining what it wants, and this can hold us back for a long time. So today's advice is about moving forward and taking action, no matter 

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If You Want To Live A Creative Life Release Your Fear of Being Wrong

September 28, 2015
Hello Creative Diva ( or Dude ) 

Let's talk about being creative and open to unlimited possibilities. Oftentimes we are so stubborn and insistent on being right, that we forget that maybe, just maybe, there could be another way to look at things. Having an open mind is critical to living a creative life, otherwise we are stuck with the fear and insecurities of our ego. Living in fear dampens our creativity and our positive outlook in life. When you are able to release the fear of being wrong, you will begin to see new possibilities unfold before you. It's OK to be wrong, its OK to make mistakes. Stay creative and enjoy the fullness and freshness that comes from it. : ) 

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Be Vulnerable, Allow Yourself To Trust & Experience Love

September 25, 2015
Welcome Dearest! 

We are born to love and be loved, so allow yourself to trust and open up to experience love. No matter how many times you have been hurt and let down, getting up, believing again, and opening yourself up to the possibility of new love is paramount for you to heal and move forward and create a happy life. 

Oftentimes we harden, and get defensive, and protective, as a way to prevent past mistakes or to get hurt again. This hardening creates a wall that keeps love from flowing to us, only when we are open, free, and vulnerable can we experience healing and growing. Do not allow a negative experience to keep you shut down forever, don't lock people out, it is worth taking another chance. 

You are here to love and be loved, sure there may be a few falls along the way, but if you keep getting back up, and keep believing, you will lead a much happier and healthier life. 

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Every Genius Is Misunderstood - Be One Anyways

September 23, 2015
Hello Genius!

Let's talk about how fabulous, smart, and talented you are! Shall we : )  In today's episode we will cover how every genius is completely misunderstood and no matter what you do to try to make other people happy will not work so don't even try! Be yourself, be creative, and do your thing. Listen to yourself and do not allow other people around you to drown out your creativity and spirit. 
Look closely, and then look again. Things that you may now see in yourself as negative personality traits could be by design for a specific purpose that you do not know yet. If you feel misunderstood, it's because nobody else understands your genius . . . yet! Embrace it, and cultivate it, and listen to yourself for more gifts, talents, and surprises that you may not know you have. Sure people will think you're crazy and disagree with you, do it anyways! Be a genius, be misunderstood, someday people will 'get it' and it they don't, it's their loss not yours! : ) 

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How Do You Feel Right Now?

September 21, 2015
Hello Fabulous! How do you feel right now? Today's episode is about being fully aware of our current emotional state. It is also about paying attention to what you have to "check in" with to determine if you feel happy or not. Do you have to check with your significant other, your boss, or check your bank account to determine how you feel. The external sources that determine how you feel on any given moment can hold you back from feeling your best ever when you allow them to.

 Think about how you feel, assign it a number with 1 being terrible and 10 being amazing, where do you fall? Keep tabs of how you are doing and pay attention to what you can change RIGHT NOW to raise a 5 to a 6 or a 7 to an 8. The goal is to feel the best you have ever felt without having to rely on anything or anyone outside of yourself. I encourage you to create a rich inner world that can not be disturbed by external forces, this will help you feel more peace and help you create harmony in your life. 

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Are You Living Or Are You Just Coping? Learn To Read Your Signs

September 18, 2015

Hey Awesome! 

It's time to be completely honest, with yourself. Are you really living or are your just coping and getting by? Learn to read the signs that could raise your awareness on your daily activities that could mean that you are just settling and getting by. I share some of my personal examples like : inconsistent sleep, feeling restless or uneasy, having a lack of focus, energy, or will. But most of all I have a sense of dread, so I decide to avoid my problems, run from them, and try to ignore uncomfortable situations. I'll find ways to distract myself and keep myself busy so I don't have to face whatever is bothering me. The days seem so long, and it takes so much energy to just survive.  
On the other hand when I am living I find myself excited about my work, eager about the next day, and I feel more creative. I spend quality time with people I love, and I feel more productive and fulfilled. I find myself doing everything that I need to do with little effort, and things just run so much smoother. When I am in this state I feel like I want to serve other people and somehow make a contribution to the world. I experience joy, love, excitement, and fun and I look forward to a bright future. 
Take a minute to look at your signs, are you really living or are you just coping and getting by? What is it going to take for you to break the pattern and make the transition to the other side? 
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When Little is Known, Much Is Imagined

September 16, 2015
Hello Wanderer!

Our curiosity and our imaginations are great tools that allow us to open our mind. But sometimes when we know very little about a particular person or situation we tend to want to create either a best case scenario or a worst case scenario. This can lead us to become our own best friends or our own worst enemies. Our imagination can be a double edged sword and can lead us to feel fear or freedom. In today's episode I encourage you to tap into your imagination to find the unstoppable, creative, passionate warrior that is inside of you right now, just waiting for the door to open. Be your best friend, be on your side, and use your imagination to your benefit, not to your detriment. 

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Every Screen Is A Doorway To Escape Our Reality

September 14, 2015

Hey There!

Let’s talk about tech! As much as I love technology, today’s episode is about how each screen that we own is a doorway to escape reality. Never before in the history of time have we had access to so many ways to run away from ourselves. It is no wonder why we have a hard time being present. Why be here where we can be across the world in an instant?

I go way back to the early stages of TV and about how much easier it is to be a spectator in someone else’s life than to be a participant in our own. I also talk about computers, and how the fear of missing out, should be of missing out on our life when we use computers for too long. And finally, I talk about cell phones, the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to escape reality at the tap of our finger!

My question is what are we running away from? And do we really need all of these ways to connect, or are we creating a complicated world for simple people? Don’t get me wrong I love technology, but be very aware of how it is impacting your life on a social, psychological, and emotional level. 

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Live Out Of Your Imagination, Not Your Past

September 11, 2015

Hello Creative Visionary! 

Life teaches us lessons and our experience help us grow and become the person who we were meant to be. Sometimes though, we allow past negative experiences to taint and dull the brightness of new possibilities. To prevent this I encourage you to live out of your imagination and curiosity, approach challenges with eagerness and excitement.  Envision yourself winning, and creating abundance and success.Forget any past hurt, shame, anger, or regret. This is a new moment, and it deserves your full imagination and creativity.  Realize that your future does not equal your past. Even if you have failed 100 times, get back up and try again, this time it could be completely different. 

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We Forge The Chains We Wear In Life - Our Own Worst Enemies

September 9, 2015

Hey Wonderful! : ) 

Today we will be talking about serious stuff. Oftentimes we blame other people, or outside circumstances for hurting us, for holding us back, isn't it so much easier to point the finger than to take responsibility? Good times and bad times come and go, but if we always allow circumstances to overpower us we will not evolve and grow. 
When we learn from our mistakes, and move through them in a forgiving way we can stop being so hard on ourselves and allow ourselves to have a second chance. Forgiving ourselves and releasing ourselves from being hopeless and playing the victim role will allow us to break the patter and break free of the chains we have created for ourselves.

Life is willing to give you a second chance, but are you willing to give one to yourself? Be kind to yourself. You are the only person that you will have a relationship with your entire life. Learn to forgive yourself, say yes to yourself, treat yourself right, meet your own needs, and release the heavy and burdensome chains of guilt, shame, and fear. 

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