My Wage Poem and How We Decide To Be Underpaid

September 7, 2015

Hey Wonderful!

Thanks for tuning in, today we will be talking about how some people choose to be underpaid, because they do not have the courage to ask for more. Hope you enjoy and that you dare to ask FOR more for yourself. Don't settle, and start asking, because creating wealth in your life is completely possible with the right mindset, attitude, and right habits. Here is the poem I refer to during the podcast. 

My Wage

I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store;

For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have paid.

 Jessie B. Rittenhouse (1869 – 1948)

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Don’t Settle,Conform, And Stop Trying - Wake Up To Your True Desires

September 4, 2015

Hey There! 

Has there been a time in your life when you didn't get what you really wanted? Today I share an experience that I went through that was very painful and frustrating. I wasn't able to get what I wanted so I decided that if that was going to be the case I might as well decide to be lazy, conform, sit on my butt and not strive for anything. Why want anything if I am not going to get it? Why do anything if it isn't going to matter? There was a lot of negative self-talk and I was living a life of isolation, resignation, and despair.
The ONE thing that made the difference for me, and allowed me to shift and make a comeback was Love. Love has the ability to spark the unstoppable warrior that is inside each and everyone of us, and wake us the heck up! The greatest difference between those who persevere and those who give up is Love. Find a way to love yourself, or someone else enough to realize that you can not give up on yourself. You can do more, and will do more, as soon as you stop settling, and living in resignation. As soon as you wake up to your true desires, and do whatever it takes to get there.
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Are You Waiting On An Apple Tree To Grow Oranges?

September 2, 2015

Hey Awesome!

Ever really hope that a person will change for you or because of you? Well I call this waiting on an apple tree to grow oranges, because that is exactly what we are doing in that situation. When we wait on other people to change we put ourselves through a waiting, wondering, and whining process. Not only is doing this unfair to you, it is also unfair to the other person.

Nobody is going to change for you, the sooner you can accept that the better. We don’t wait for people to change, we do it out of ignorance. Either learn to accept the person as they are right now, or gracefully walk away and go somewhere else. While we can inspire people to change, when we expect them to, it can make the relationship painful, frustrating and uncomfortable for both people.  Don’t wait, you are only prolonging the disappointment.


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