How To Pay Yourself First & Attract More Money

November 30, 2015

Hello Abundant Thinker! 

The new year is around the corner and  today I want to share something that I did that helped me create more abundance in my life. Paying yourself first sounds great in your mind, but if you don't see it in the real world sometimes it is hard to believe. Money comes and goes often too quick, so if we do not have a foundation of strong beliefs, we may find ourselves in a financial downfall. Believing that you have money flowing your way easily and frequently  can help you shift your mind from poverty to prosperity.  I encourage you to try this exercise and see what kind of results you begin to see in your life. Change your perspective and approach towards money, and this can in turn change how money flows your way. : ) 

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The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth

November 27, 2015
Hello Wise Chooser! 
Today let's talk about our need to always be on one side of the spectrum. Our brains are wired in such a way that we often believe that we MUST choose left or right, that we MUST make the right decision, and that everything is either white or black. Today I want to encourage you to join your greatest dreams, and your fears, and let them become one, and neither at the same time. You don't have to choose to be like the sun, or to be like the moon. Instead be like the earth, which embraces both, and contains neither. You are much more than meets the eye, allow yourself the opportunity to expand, and be as generous and life giving as the wonderful Earth that we live in.  

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Are You Living Proactively or Defensively?

November 23, 2015

Hello Fabulous! 

Thanks for tuning in : ) Today we will talk about what it is like to live defensively, and what could be some red flags for you. We also cover what it looks like to live with a proactive approach to life. When we live defensively we block,protect, and numb ourselves from both the positive and negative experiences in life. Living proactively and with more awareness is a practice that requires a lot of effort and courage, but it is very much worth the investment. I encourage you to take a closer look at your life, and how you can be living more fully every day. 
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Feeling Lost Can Be A Gift

November 20, 2015
Hello Wonderer! 
We have all felt lost at one point in our life. Whether it be in our personal life, careers, relationships, or finance. Feeling lost can leave us feeling uninspired, disoriented, and insecure, when we dwell on the downside of being there, but there is another side. Feeling lost can actually be a gift! It may not feel like a gift, but when we feel lost we are more open to slowing down to discover where we are and where we are going. Living with adventure and uncertainty is a part of life, when we learn to let go, and trust that life will take care of us no matter what, it doesn't matter if we are lost. Having the courage to know when you are lost, and the patience to work through it, will help you find your way and live with more courage and determination. Stop being afraid and confused about why you are lost, and start navigating the land, you never know what new adventure awaits you! : )  

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The Self-Discovery Experience and Shoe Shopping

November 16, 2015

Hello Friendly Spirit! 

Today I will talk about the importance of knowing yourself, who you are, and what you need. The analogy I use to paint a visual picture is going shoe shopping. Going shoe shopping can be a fun and exciting experience when you know yourself, what you want, and what you need. I will cover the difference of what it looks like to go through the self-discovery process, and what it looks like when we don't choose that route. A lot of life is a process of elimination, and the more we know ourselves the more light-hearted and fun the journey will be. On the other hand, not knowing ourselves can leave us feeling frustrated, exhausted, resentful, and even angry. At the core of your existence is a true self, that when nurtured and listened to, can help you live a happier and more exciting life. 

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The Importance of Having Good Friendships

November 13, 2015

Hello Friendly Spirit,

Having great friendships makes the world a better place, and makes life more happy and enjoyable. Making new friends and building lasting bonds is easier when you know yourself and what you are looking for in a good friend. Everyone has their own definition of a good friend, so today I will share mine, and hopefully shed some light on how important it is to know your own needs. My best friend in the world is an excellent listener and he makes me laugh. I believe that the most important gift you can give anyone is your time and full attention, people who can do that make good friends, at least from my point of view. Think about this when you are making new friends, be aware of what you need and it will help you find people who compliment you and have the potential to be lifetime friends. Which are really the very best to have. : ) 

Chasing Money For The Sake Of Money

November 9, 2015

Hey There Abundant Thinker! 

Today we will talk about money and our core motivation for getting more money. Oftentimes we believe that money would solve all of our problems, so we blindly start chasing after it. If your internal motivation for getting more money isn't for a greater good, then no amount of money is going to ever make you happy.

I encourage you to see money as a facilitator, as a way to spend more time with loved ones, or have more free time, and other invaluable things that can not be purchased. So many times we focus on the money and sacrifice our health, our relationships, and our personal life for it. 
Having more money by itself will not make you happy. Many celebrities have billions of dollars and they are addicted to drugs and miserable and alone. Define the other rewards that will come with the money and focus on creating lasting wealth and a well balanced life. Keep your health in mind, and stay close and true to those that matter most.   

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Who You Think You’re Not Is What Holds You Back

November 6, 2015
Hello Adventurer!

Life is a daring adventure, and when we believe that we are enough and that we have enough, everything can be glitter and excitement. But what about the times when we believe that we are NOT good enough? Today's episode will focus on how we hold ourselves back from everything we want by not believing that we are good enough, or smart enough, or successful enough. 

It is who we think that we are not that holds us back and creates feelings of insecurity, fear, self-doubt, and other negative emotions.These emotions hold us back and prevent us from taking actions that could improve or enrich our live's. This happens because we simply don't believe that we are good enough or that we do not have enough. These two fundamental beliefs can determine if our life has an upward or downward spiral direction, and ultimately it is up to us to choose.  

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You Get What You Work For

November 2, 2015

Hello Warrior! 

Today we have a special announcement, for the months of November and December new episodes will only be published on Monday and Friday. Starting in January we will be back to our regular programming. Thanks for your loyalty, and if you enjoy the show please leave a review on iTunes to help us spread the word. 
Today's episode is about getting what you work for. Oftentimes the things we say we want and the things that we actually work for are very different. No matter how much we want something if we are not taking daily action to get closer to it, it may actually never come. Dreaming without execution only leads to frustration, disappointment, and dissatisfaction in life.
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