Are You Living Or Are You Just Coping? Learn To Read Your Signs

September 18, 2015

Hey Awesome! 

It's time to be completely honest, with yourself. Are you really living or are your just coping and getting by? Learn to read the signs that could raise your awareness on your daily activities that could mean that you are just settling and getting by. I share some of my personal examples like : inconsistent sleep, feeling restless or uneasy, having a lack of focus, energy, or will. But most of all I have a sense of dread, so I decide to avoid my problems, run from them, and try to ignore uncomfortable situations. I'll find ways to distract myself and keep myself busy so I don't have to face whatever is bothering me. The days seem so long, and it takes so much energy to just survive.  
On the other hand when I am living I find myself excited about my work, eager about the next day, and I feel more creative. I spend quality time with people I love, and I feel more productive and fulfilled. I find myself doing everything that I need to do with little effort, and things just run so much smoother. When I am in this state I feel like I want to serve other people and somehow make a contribution to the world. I experience joy, love, excitement, and fun and I look forward to a bright future. 
Take a minute to look at your signs, are you really living or are you just coping and getting by? What is it going to take for you to break the pattern and make the transition to the other side? 
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