Chasing Money For The Sake Of Money

November 9, 2015

Hey There Abundant Thinker! 

Today we will talk about money and our core motivation for getting more money. Oftentimes we believe that money would solve all of our problems, so we blindly start chasing after it. If your internal motivation for getting more money isn't for a greater good, then no amount of money is going to ever make you happy.

I encourage you to see money as a facilitator, as a way to spend more time with loved ones, or have more free time, and other invaluable things that can not be purchased. So many times we focus on the money and sacrifice our health, our relationships, and our personal life for it. 
Having more money by itself will not make you happy. Many celebrities have billions of dollars and they are addicted to drugs and miserable and alone. Define the other rewards that will come with the money and focus on creating lasting wealth and a well balanced life. Keep your health in mind, and stay close and true to those that matter most.   

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