Ensure Your Success By Giving Your Business Personality and Depth ( Uber & AirBnB)

August 24, 2015
Hey Wonderful! 

Let's talk about all the dying industries that are out there because of the power of the internet. Today if your business doesn't have 

depth and personality it will be replaced by one that does! I use Uber and AirBnB as two examples of newer businesses that have 

personality and therefore are thriving business models. Outdated offers like dry and boring hotel rooms and taxi drivers are being 

replaced with more modern versions that are more fun and social. No longer will people settle for mundane experiences when they have 

the option to be a part of something more exciting. Think about how you can add depth and personality to your business, and even your 

personal life, to open yourself to experiencing more meaning and joy in your life.   

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