Every Screen Is A Doorway To Escape Our Reality

September 14, 2015

Hey There!

Let’s talk about tech! As much as I love technology, today’s episode is about how each screen that we own is a doorway to escape reality. Never before in the history of time have we had access to so many ways to run away from ourselves. It is no wonder why we have a hard time being present. Why be here where we can be across the world in an instant?

I go way back to the early stages of TV and about how much easier it is to be a spectator in someone else’s life than to be a participant in our own. I also talk about computers, and how the fear of missing out, should be of missing out on our life when we use computers for too long. And finally, I talk about cell phones, the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to escape reality at the tap of our finger!

My question is what are we running away from? And do we really need all of these ways to connect, or are we creating a complicated world for simple people? Don’t get me wrong I love technology, but be very aware of how it is impacting your life on a social, psychological, and emotional level. 

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