LDL 007 Beware The Bareness Of A Busy Life

July 20, 2015
In this episode we cover the importance of not overlooking our health and loved ones because of work. 

This is a great quote for me since I have personally made the mistake to be too busy, and too focused on my business to take time to smell the roses and enjoy life. We do not come to this planet to just work, and I think a lot of times we focus on work in order to avoid our personal problems, this only works for a little bit, and later on in life it backfires and creates a lot of dissonance. I know that my business used to be an escape to ignore the elephant in the room. In the last few months I have made a lot of shifts that have improved my personal life and they also reflect in my business. One of those things is to stop working, go out, have fun, and take care of myself. It sounds simple but it can be so hard to do. I have learned a lot of lessons along the way and I hope I can provide some guidance to those entrepreneurs who may be feeling burned out or like they have reached an emotional plateau that makes it challenging to focus on their business. Hope you enjoy, please share and subscribe for more.


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