LDL 010 Overwhelmed With Responsibilities & Underwhelmed with Possibilities

July 23, 2015


Today we will be talking about feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and the daily tasks on our to-do list. I share ideas on how to eliminate, delegate, or hire someone to help you lighten the load and allow you to take some time for yourself. Stress does not come from doing too much, it comes from doing too little of what makes us come alive. So I encourage you to take 30 minutes every single day at the beginning of the day to do something you love. Make it on purpose, and put it on your calendar. Block out that time and give yourself the pleasure of doing something that you like to do, instead of something that you have to do. Look forward to the next day of doing this again, this will help you feel more fulfilled at the end of the day. You are here to live and experience the joy of life, not to just work, pay the bills, and start over the next day. Take time for yourself and all of your responsibilities are bound to feel less heavy. Thank you for listening, please share this with a friend if you find it helpful, and see you next time. 

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