LDL 016 Allowing Extra Room For Clutter & Confusion In Our Environment

July 31, 2015

Hey Fabulous! 

Welcome, today we will be talking about having too much extra space, and allowing clutter in our daily environment. Oftentimes the very things we don't think we can live without are creating confusion and disharmony in our life. I give an example of moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a one bedroom one, and only taking what was essential for me. Less is actually more, and making room for better things in our life is important. If we are always running on full, we give little space for opportunities and possibilities to show up.  Think about all the gadgets and extra books or clothes you have. Get rid of everything that is not essential to you and you will begin to notice how you open up to things that you were previously unaware of. Having too much and too many choices hinders our ability to think clearly, and move forward with confidence in the direction of our dreams. 

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