Living in Low & High Energy Frequencies

December 14, 2015

Hello Amazing!

Today I will talk about the difference of living in a low or high vibrational frequencies. Living in a low energy frequency leads us to feeling insecure, comparing ourselves to others, viewing life from a state of lack, and feelings of jealousy. Overall when we live in a low frequency we attract other low frequency people, events, and circumstances in our lives.

 On the other hand when we live on a higher frequency vibration we are more confident, feel focused, listen to ourselves,  trust ourselves, and feel a sense of purpose and clarity. In turn, we attract higher quality people, events, and circumstances in our lives. The most important things we can focus on developing to mover ourselves to a higher frequency is practicing self awareness and self-discipline.

Examine your life, and notice if you are vibrating at a lower or higher frequency. I challenge you to do one thing today to bring yourself closer to the next level. Pay attention to yourself, listen to your needs, notice the people around you and the events. How can you make a shift, no matter how small it may be, TODAY?

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