Making and Keeping Money & Relationships : )

January 30, 2016

Hello Abundant Connector! 

Today I will talk about limiting beliefs that we have placed upon ourselves that prevent us from enjoying connection with others, as well as enjoying monetarily success. Starting relationships, starting to make money can be easy, but sustaining that connection or that flow of money is oftentimes much harder to do. Making and keeping money and relationships can be challenging because it is not something we go get. We need to be open, and receptive to them and allow them to flow to us. For you to be open to receiving these wonderful gifts you MUST believe that you deserve them, and that they are possible to attain. 
I encourage you to try to discover how you are keeping yourself from freedom and connection, by having money blocks, as well as fear of getting close to other people. There's plenty of love and money to go around, but if you are not open and aware, you could be missing it and be living in despair, isolation and frustration.  Have the strength to release your lack mentality, and wisdom to open up to the wonderful flow of everything good in life.
Relationships and money are very related, the chances are high that if one is not going well, the other one will follow. Pay attention and be aware to what you tell yourself about money, and about love. Believe that you are enough, and believe that you will have enough. This can make a world of a difference in your life.
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