Release Your Need To Know and Control Everything ( Poem)

August 13, 2015
Hello Amazing!

Today I get really personal and share a poem with you about the darker times of my life. We will be talking about our human need to 

control everything and know everything to ensure a specific outcome. Sometimes we get to knowing to the degree that being in a 

familiarly uncomfortable place may feel even better than facing our fear of not knowing. I believe that it is a human obsession to try 

to seek knowledge, certainty, and security, because somehow that brings us comfort. I also talk about our need to release resistance 

to our own journey and allow life to bring to us what we want, when we are ready. Oftentimes we get angry and frustrated that life does 

not go as planned, but there is a reason behind it. Stay patient, stay hopeful, and be open to what you do now know. Explore new 

possibilities, there are so many roads to get where you want to go, being fixated on one will hinder your growth and expansion.

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