Stand Up For Yourself & Overcome Helplessness

February 5, 2016

Hello Empowered Spirit! 

Today we will talk about those people in our lives who believe that they have the best intentions for us, and have mistreated us, misguided us, or overprotected us. This can be parents, spouses, siblings, or anyone in your life who you may have tolerated their over-bearing personality to the degree that you feel helpless and don't feel like you have the courage to stand up to them and let them know that you have had enough.
 No matter how well their intentions, you need to take charge of your own life, and make your own decisions, even if it means that you will make mistakes. Learned helplessness is when we have tolerated a situation so many times, that it doesn't seem like there is an alternative. But the good news is that there is! This is YOUR life, and it is up to YOU what you do or don't do, and anyone who doesn't agree needs to kindly be ejected. 
Sometimes out of our need for approval or belonging, we feel that we have to do things in a certain way to make other people happy. The truth is that your happiness should come before anyone else's, not out of selfishness, but out of self respect. Respect yourself, by standing up to the other person. Let them know that they need to respect you and your choices, and that you will not continue to do things their way. This can take serious courage, but you will feel better once all is said and done. If the other person argues or decides to leave, that is their choice, and you need to respect that, and move on.
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