Treat Me Like Me, Give Me The Chance To Be On Your Side

August 26, 2015
Hey Wow! 

So in today's episode I show the "ranty" side of myself as I share a personal story where someone I truly value treated me like I was 

their ex. Our personal relationships can be challenging, and we have defense mechanisms that we develop in our attempt to try to 

protect ourselves from getting hurt again. Instead of trying to heal and work through these wounds we get into new relationships, and 

the same things happen with different people.  I encourage you to treat each individual for who they are, and not for the reactions 

that they trigger in you, due to your past negative experiences. Give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe they weren't aware they 

were offending or hurting you. Look at the current situation, and the current person, and address the issue at hand. Consider the fact 

that they may want to be on your side, if you give them the chance to. Don't assume and get defensive, work through it, heal and learn 

to treat people for who they really are. 

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