We Are What We Repeatedly Do

October 21, 2015
Hello Super Achiever!

Today we will focus on the multiplying effects of our habits. In the early stages of our life, we create our habits. However, in the later parts of our life, our habits create us. Our bodies will run on auto-pilot, and the good news and bad news about habits is that they are hard to break. This can be good news if you have created habits that support your goals, visions, and desires. 

But it could also be bad news if your bad habits are the underlying reason why you are having such a difficult time in life. Your rituals, practices, and habits can help you create the foundation of a happy and prosperous life. It will take effort and discipline to make the right choice and stay persistent, but it will pay off in the long run. Each day we are what we do, we are either building a solid foundation, or a wall that will crumble against us in the end. 

The effort is the same to sustain positive or negative habits, the choice is up to you.

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