What is Not Expressed Is Depressed

December 11, 2015

Hello Friend! 

Today we will talk about every thought, feeling, and dream that you have suppressed. Mark Nepo's quote reminds us that " What is Not Expressed is Depressed" so each and every one of your suppressed emotions and thoughts become stones that you carry around with you. Your mind is always searching for ways to express these different emotions and bring them into the physical world, whether you are aware of it or not. 
Over time, small stones become giant boulders that eventually weigh you down and keep you from being able to experience life. The stones weigh you down so much that you numb yourself and nothing and nobody around you moves you or touches you anymore. The stones create a prison that KEEPS you from joy, love, happiness and fulfillment. 
Today I encourage you to express yourself, if you have positive or negative emotions find a way to feel them through and release them, find ways to heal, find ways to acknowledge and address them so that they don't continue to haunt you and you can find peace, and a sense of relief. Do yourself a favor today, pick something that you have been running away from and hiding, and face it, express yourself, work through it, and keep doing that with each and every heavy stone that stands between you and happiness.
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