Your Are Free To Choose But Not Free Of The Consequences ( Frequency Announcement )

August 17, 2015
Hey Amazing! 

Thanks for tuning in, today I have an announcement on the change of frequency of this podcast moving forward. Back to school is around 

the corner and I will not be able to record as frequently so the timing is being changed to Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of 

Monday - Friday. Hope to be able to ramp it back up again soon, thanks for understanding. : ) 

And now for today's topic:

Today we will be talking about our power of choice, and how that can lead to positive or negative consequences in our life. Our 

choices shape the direction of our life and we must be willing to take responsibility for the consequences that follow them. Not 

learning from our mistakes, or focusing on beating ourselves up too much can hinder our ability to make the right choices for the 

future. Key take-away? Weigh out your choices and make sure that they are in your best interest, so that you can create a chain of 

positive consequences and joy in your life. 

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