Making and Keeping Money & Relationships : )

January 30, 2016

Hello Abundant Connector! 

Today I will talk about limiting beliefs that we have placed upon ourselves that prevent us from enjoying connection with others, as well as enjoying monetarily success. Starting relationships, starting to make money can be easy, but sustaining that connection or that flow of money is oftentimes much harder to do. Making and keeping money and relationships can be challenging because it is not something we go get. We need to be open, and receptive to them and allow them to flow to us. For you to be open to receiving these wonderful gifts you MUST believe that you deserve them, and that they are possible to attain. 
I encourage you to try to discover how you are keeping yourself from freedom and connection, by having money blocks, as well as fear of getting close to other people. There's plenty of love and money to go around, but if you are not open and aware, you could be missing it and be living in despair, isolation and frustration.  Have the strength to release your lack mentality, and wisdom to open up to the wonderful flow of everything good in life.
Relationships and money are very related, the chances are high that if one is not going well, the other one will follow. Pay attention and be aware to what you tell yourself about money, and about love. Believe that you are enough, and believe that you will have enough. This can make a world of a difference in your life.
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Hurt, Anger, & Unmet Needs ( Star Wars Yoda Quote )

January 22, 2016

Hello Graceful Forgiver! 

Today we will talk about anger. The real root of anger is an unmet need or expectation, and all it really means is that you need to have a conversation. This could be a conversation with yourself or with the person who you are angry at. The point is not to lash out at people, but to further understand your needs and theirs. Oftentimes we may be in situation where we are wanting a specific need to be met, but the other person also needs that need met. This can lead to anger, frustration, hurt, and maybe even hate if you allow the feelings to fester. 
Finding ways to meet our own needs or finding people who are willing and able to, we can begin to release our expectations on the other person. From the wise words of Master Yoda : “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”  If someone has hurt you, or left you hanging, find a way to let it go. Holding on to anger and hurt, or coming with ways to get back at the other person, will not help you in the long run. 

Do your very best to find forgiveness, understanding, and compassion. This will allow you to move on with your life in peace. Learn from the situation, and do whatever it takes to move past it.  In the long run this will make you stronger and more resilient, and it will also help you know more about your needs, and the people you need to associate yourself with to get them met. Remember to always look at the bright side! :)  
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Season 2 Coming Soon & Other News / Announcements

January 15, 2016

Hi There Friend! 

Today I want to make a few announcements. I have taken time off for the holidays and new year, and I have been working on a short Book titled 100 Days to Love.Dream.Live. It will be on Amazon soon, as well as other online bookstores. Also I am working on Season 2 of this podcast and making it more interactive with guests, more stories and hopefully more wisdom to share. I want to give a special shout out to all of my listeners in Viet Nam, Russia, Germany, Canada, Australia, and of course the US. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Later in season 2 I will start taking questions from listeners for new topics on future episodes. I've recently gone through a lot of life changes and for 2016 I am focusing on letting go, and creating more freedom and abundance in my life. Season 2 of Love Dream Live will be starting in late February. From now until then I will be publishing episodes I have recorded and are season 1.5 for now. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to a wonderful and exciting 2016! 
- Aida : )