Discovery Consists Not In Seeing New Lands But In Seeing With New Eyes

August 31, 2015

Hey Gorgeous! 

Today we will be talking about finding treasures from where you stand. Instead of searching for a new job, or relationship, or longing for something new, try to look at your current environment from a new perspective. Don't blame your boredom or lack of excitement in life on anything or anyone outside of yourself. We tend to take everything and everyone that is familiar for granted.  I encourage you to become more aware of the people that are in your life right now. 
How can you engage them in a deeper, more meaningful conversation? How can you share more, give more, and take more in?  We tend to overlook the familiar and always seek something different, something new, when if we stop to look deeper we already have a wonderful world around us. Just pay attention to the air that you breathe everyday. When was the last time you noticed that there is plenty of air for you to breathe every single day? Look closer at your life, and put a magnifying glass to all of the wonder and joy that is already before you in the present moment.
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We Tend To Become As Big As What We Give Worth To ( Rob Bell - Unmistakable Creative )

August 28, 2015
Rob Bell said this in of of the episodes of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast and it really stuck with me! It reminded me of my 

earlier years when I used to give more worth and weight to my problems, than my self worth and my solutions. Whatever we focus on 

expands, and I believe that we do tend to become as big or as small as what we give worth to and pay attention to. If you are focused 

on the little things, on surviving, and on your problems you will tend to be that small. Giving worth to our future, our dreams, and 

our self-worth will empower us to becoming bigger, better, and wiser in the long run.

Listen to The Full Interview With Rob Bell on The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

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Treat Me Like Me, Give Me The Chance To Be On Your Side

August 26, 2015
Hey Wow! 

So in today's episode I show the "ranty" side of myself as I share a personal story where someone I truly value treated me like I was 

their ex. Our personal relationships can be challenging, and we have defense mechanisms that we develop in our attempt to try to 

protect ourselves from getting hurt again. Instead of trying to heal and work through these wounds we get into new relationships, and 

the same things happen with different people.  I encourage you to treat each individual for who they are, and not for the reactions 

that they trigger in you, due to your past negative experiences. Give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe they weren't aware they 

were offending or hurting you. Look at the current situation, and the current person, and address the issue at hand. Consider the fact 

that they may want to be on your side, if you give them the chance to. Don't assume and get defensive, work through it, heal and learn 

to treat people for who they really are. 

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Ensure Your Success By Giving Your Business Personality and Depth ( Uber & AirBnB)

August 24, 2015
Hey Wonderful! 

Let's talk about all the dying industries that are out there because of the power of the internet. Today if your business doesn't have 

depth and personality it will be replaced by one that does! I use Uber and AirBnB as two examples of newer businesses that have 

personality and therefore are thriving business models. Outdated offers like dry and boring hotel rooms and taxi drivers are being 

replaced with more modern versions that are more fun and social. No longer will people settle for mundane experiences when they have 

the option to be a part of something more exciting. Think about how you can add depth and personality to your business, and even your 

personal life, to open yourself to experiencing more meaning and joy in your life.   

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Our Insistence On Capturing Moments And Holding On Too Tight

August 21, 2015
Hey There Welcome! 

Today we will talk about our desire to hold on to valuable moments, and losing them in our attempt to try to capture them. I share an 

example of how I used to try to capture everything that happened at my son's baseball games, to the point that I feel like I wasn't 

really present during the game. Now I try to capture the moment the first 5 minutes and I sit and enjoy the rest of the game. 

Capturing and sharing important moments is important, but not at the cost of not actually being there. Our insistence in holding on 

too tight, can cause us to find less enjoyment in the truly wonderful moments in our life. Feel free to capture and share, but take 

the time to actually be there and savor the good times! 

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How To Discover If You REALLY Want What You Believe That You Want

August 19, 2015

Hello Super Achiever! 

If you are a dreamer like me, or if you consider yourself very ambitious in life, you probably have a long list of things that you 

believe that you want. Today I share a process that walks you through the process of discovering if you truly want those things or if 

you are just daydreaming. The bottom line is that when we truly want something, we must enjoy the process and the journey, and not be 

so focused on the destination that we start going after things that aren't right for us. Put your desires to the test, and see if they are worth your time.  These steps will help you decide if you need to commit to your desires, or scratch them off of your list. Hope you enjoy it!

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Your Are Free To Choose But Not Free Of The Consequences ( Frequency Announcement )

August 17, 2015
Hey Amazing! 

Thanks for tuning in, today I have an announcement on the change of frequency of this podcast moving forward. Back to school is around 

the corner and I will not be able to record as frequently so the timing is being changed to Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of 

Monday - Friday. Hope to be able to ramp it back up again soon, thanks for understanding. : ) 

And now for today's topic:

Today we will be talking about our power of choice, and how that can lead to positive or negative consequences in our life. Our 

choices shape the direction of our life and we must be willing to take responsibility for the consequences that follow them. Not 

learning from our mistakes, or focusing on beating ourselves up too much can hinder our ability to make the right choices for the 

future. Key take-away? Weigh out your choices and make sure that they are in your best interest, so that you can create a chain of 

positive consequences and joy in your life. 

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Do You Believe You Need To Choose Between Love and Money?

August 14, 2015
Hello Abundant Creator! 

Do you ever feel like you need to choose between having business success and abundance in your life OR a happy life with love and wonderful relationships? I feel like everyone goes through this at some point in their life, and more women may feel torn between needing to choose on or the other. In this episode I share how a personal experience and limiting belief I acquired at the age of 5 has played out in my personal / business life up until very recently. This limiting belief lead me to to feel like I had to pick either love or money, but these two things are not mutually exclusive. I encourage you to dig deeper, and dive into your childhood to find what specific experience has shaped and validated this fallacy that you have to pick one. You need to acknowledge that experience, assess it and learn to heal through it. Because you can and WILL have both to feel happy and fulfilled. And the first step is to believe it!

Release Your Need To Know and Control Everything ( Poem)

August 13, 2015
Hello Amazing!

Today I get really personal and share a poem with you about the darker times of my life. We will be talking about our human need to 

control everything and know everything to ensure a specific outcome. Sometimes we get to knowing to the degree that being in a 

familiarly uncomfortable place may feel even better than facing our fear of not knowing. I believe that it is a human obsession to try 

to seek knowledge, certainty, and security, because somehow that brings us comfort. I also talk about our need to release resistance 

to our own journey and allow life to bring to us what we want, when we are ready. Oftentimes we get angry and frustrated that life does 

not go as planned, but there is a reason behind it. Stay patient, stay hopeful, and be open to what you do now know. Explore new 

possibilities, there are so many roads to get where you want to go, being fixated on one will hinder your growth and expansion.

View Full Poem Here: 

Discover Your Imagination by Learning To Play Again

August 12, 2015
Hello Creative Player! 

Today I will share how I reconnected with the playful, free-flowing,creative, and fun part of myself by learning to play again. In the 

earlier years I used to play with my son, and seeing his eyes light up and heart full of joy and excitement, I thought I may be on to 

something. Up until then each time I "played" with my son, I would make long to-do lists in the back of my mind, and my mind would 

wander and I was not present in the moment. Over time, I have learned to play again and invite my inner child to have fun, discover, 

imagine, hope, and dream. You don't have to be a parent in order to do this, I encourage you to grab a box of play-doh, find a kid, 

and learn to play again. This will help you live in the moment, lighten up, and learn to have a little fun : )