Living In Denial, Acting & Masks

February 12, 2016

Hello Authentic Creator! 

Today let's talk about being authentic, and being your absolute truest self to others, and to yourself. Living in denial, putting up a front and running away from your problems, only delays the situation. Acting, and always wearing different masks for different people can get exhausting, and it surrounds you with people who don't really know who you are. If you ever get a feeling that you are really alone, even though you are surrounded by others, maybe the truth is that you are not being yourself. Hiding aspects of ourselves in order to be more likable or feel accepted can seem like a good solution. 
In the long run, this can create a full blown theater where you are the actor, you wear many masks, and you have orchestrated a life of falseness and lies. You don't trust other people, because you don't trust yourself, and this can lead to countless heartaches and headaches down the road. Today I encourage you to be authentic, not only to yourself, but to other people. Have the courage and determination to face your problems head on, and don't live in denial. Wearing masks and pretending is only a temporary solution, and will not solve anything.  When your act falls apart and feels unsustainable, you will crumble and feel the weight of the world fall on you. Save yourself from going through hell, by simply being honest from the start. : )  
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