Remember To Laugh At Yourself

December 4, 2015

Hello Free Spirit! 

Let's talk about how serious we take life, and well about how serious we can take ourselves at times. Life gets tough and there are many storms that we have to weather, but this doesn't mean that we always need to take everything so seriously. Today I share a personal story about 2 people who have helped me through the darkest times in my life, and how I am finally able to ( mostly ) laugh about the past, and have made it to the other side.
 I used to tell myself that after seeing me, my counselors needed counseling. Somehow in a twisted way, this made me laugh when I thought it was not possible to laugh. When we are in the middle of an emotional storm, it is not easy to laugh or even believe there is another side to it all. However, if we find the strength to laugh, and take the time to heal, all of the storms will only make us more resilient, unbreakable, and unstoppable. 
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